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Do you need to read this? I sure do.

After an absurdly long period of indecision about whether or not to start writing here, I am finally giving it a go... Admittedly, I have been paralyzed by what to write about, and truth be told, I'm still unsure. However, I've realized I don't need to worry about my next post just yet—I just need to focus on this one. One small step at a time.

"Don't wait to start writing until you have something to say. Start writing so you can find out what you have to say."

Anyway, to get back on track... James Clear's "3-2-1: Thursday" email landed in my inbox today with this quote that gave me the exact push I needed. I figured I should include it in my first entry, not just to share but also to remind myself to just. start. writing.


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